Best Things Michigan: You, Me and Bubble Tea Among the Top 10 Bubble Tea Spots in Michigan


"Fruity, frothy, and flavorful—that’s a good cup of bubble tea. A Taiwanese beverage that combines iced tea with sweetened milk and “bubbles” made of tapioca, there are some that swear by this unique and delicious drink. Michigan's got plenty of places to land your next bubble tea, and here are 10 of the best."

  1. Detroit Bubble Tea, Detroit, MI
  2. Bubble Island, Ann Arbor and East Lansing, MI
  3. Cafe Boba, Kentwood, MI
  4. You, Me and Bubble Tea, Oxford, MI
  5. Kawaii Bubble Tea, Clinton Township, MI
  6. Saugatuck Tea Company, Saugatuck, MI
  7. Lucky Tea & Sushi, Grand Haven, MI
  8. Pasty Haus, Frankenmuth, MI
  9. ChocolaTea, Portage, MI
  10. Sugarkissed, Traverse City, MI

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