Bubbles for Bucks: Lucy Holt

The Oxford community came together to support Baby Lucy; 20 percent of all purchases went to her family for medical expenses.

Baby Lucy was diagnosed with Mosaic Trisomy 18 (MT18) when she was a few days old. It is very rare and occurs in only 1 in 6000 babies after birth. As you can imagine it has been a roller coaster of shock and emotions for her parents, Bryan & Laura Holt. There are many complications that can arise and potentially be life threatening. Babies with MT18 are considered to have failure to thrive, digestive issues and a rare mixture of other health concerns. Medical testing is extremely important and extensive during these early days.

Not only is this a very physically and emotionally difficult time for the family, the medical bills since pre-birth are becoming a huge burden to bear.

The money will be used for medical appointments, shipping donated breastmilk and other expenses that occur during this time.

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